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Keishia Gu

Ok. So, I thought you were just a paid customer of [Nutrisystem], but your commercial actually inspired me. It wasn't Janet's or Marie's or any other celebrity, but you. And now seeing your profile I am extremely pumped [and] ready to conquer this journey. Thanks for the inspiration. You look great. Keep up the good work. ~Mei

Took a fun and sweaty Zumba class in Culver City with the fresh 'n' fabulous new teacher Keishia Kemp!!! check her out will not be disappointed. Yay Keishia-- you are an inspiration girl! ~Julie

Keishia is Absolutely an Awesome Instructor....Her class is Dynamite!! We need her more than once a week!! Her class is ReaL Good....~Le Seona

Congratulations on your journey and being spotlighted on the [Nutrisystem] site!!! You are an inspiration!!! ~Gwen

I want to take your class someday if you have a class near my look sooo cool! ~Yumi

I'm so excited for you! I just saw your commercial last night, and you looked wonderful! I was like, "Hey! She's on my friends list!", LOL! Congrats on the spotlight, hon, you earned it! ~Lisa

I read everything you post and I want you to know that you matter in a stranger's life. You are a positive inspiration. ~Sharon

Keishia's Nutrisystem commercial shows me a lady is so happy and beaming with pride because of Nutrisystem and what it has done for her. Her commercial for Nutrisystem was a joy to watch. You can tell (just my humble opinion) she's driven and focused to inspire people to people to try the Nutrisystem program and start working at getting control of their weight and lives. She's bubbly and enthusiastic. I'm so glad Nutrisystem put her in their ads. Hope to see more ads of this lady in the future. Thanks for making such a fun video to watch. ~Wally

Your commercial is awesome! And you look great. Keep on dancing! ~Annie

Keishia my legs are sore!! Lol which means I'll be there this Friday! You're getting me hooked on Zumba :) ~ Pam

Tonight's class was soooo amazing! The feeling I had during and after class and even now is reminiscent of when I first fell in love with Zumba. Thank you!!! PS that set was probably one of my all time favorites!!! ~Marcy

Thank you so much for the invite! I really enjoyed myself and you are the best Zumba instructor I've ever had! So proud of you Keishia:) ~Lena

Thank you for a fantastic class and for treating us first timers!! You are an inspiring teacher!!! ~Diana

You are amazing!!! I am so inspired by you. Thanks for sharing your story. ~Lola

Just got my zumba on, intense but such a fun workout & awesome choreography. Thanks Keishia, you're such a good zumba instructor!! see you soon! ~Stephanie

I believe I just percolated -so much fun!! You're amazing! ~Andrea

Oh.....We PAID!!! Icy Hot on my whole lower body! Thanks for burning off that cupcake that Willie blabbed about Keishia!! Great class!


Man, I was looking at your "Before" shots and what you have done in a year is so amazing. You have sculpted a fat free body and you look freaking wonderful. ~Margo

Your story is inspiring. I just ordered my Nutrisystem and I am excited to get started. Thanks for sharing your success story. You look great! ~D

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