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Through a combination of holistic dieting, dance fitness, strength training, and aggressive goal setting and progress tracking, Keishia focuses on sculpting her body and mind. She doesn't have the genetics of a supermodel, but as the daughter of a military Colonel and former bodybuilding champion, Keishia is no stranger to physical training and strength building. With discipline and hard work, she believes that everyone can improve on what they have and "find their true fit." People often ask how she made such an amazing transformation and she points to the following:

•Cardiovascular Conditioning

•Body Sculpting Yoga

•Dance Fitness

•Weight Lifting

•Martial Arts

•Strength and Resistance Training

•Naturopathic Wellness

•Organic and Conscious Eating

Additionally, Keishia's success with the Nutrisystem program garnered the company's attention and she became one of the national winners of the Nutrisystem Fab 40 Weight Loss Challenge. She is featured in several national print/internet/TV ads on behalf of the company. You can read Nutrisystem's national press release which highlights the company's intention to heavily feature Keishia as a company ambassador. View her commercial ad here. Health Magazine also featured Keishia in a full-page article in their April 2015 issue. Keishia continues to appear in ads for the Nutrisystem in 2021, 2022, and 2023. 

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